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Parallel Lines


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Corey Ball

Pastor Corey Ball is a prolific speaker that God has used all around the world. He is married to his wonderful wife Mackenzie Ball and together they have a beautiful daughter named Harvest Psalm and beautiful son named Arrow Glen. Pastor Corey has been in ministry since the summer of 2018, and the stories of what God has done through his ministry are mind-blowing! Corey went to ministry school in Hamilton, Alabama; where he attended The Ramp School of Ministry. He served on a ministry team called Chosen, under Karen Wheaton the founder of The Ramp.


After that short season Corey started pursuing the calling on his life intensely. In January of 2019 Pastor Corey held his first conference in Wise, Virginia. Those who attends that conference their lives were changed forever because the Gospel was preached with power! Jesus was glorified and from that moment the ministry launched. Since then he has traveled and preached in churches all over the United States and around the world. He still host conferences and crusades yearly that have led to hundreds of people surrendering their lives to Jesus. Pastor Corey is also the Youth and Young Adult Pastor at Calvary Church in Inverness, FL.


Even though Pastor Corey is on staff at Calvary, he very much has the calling of an traveling evangelist as well as a local pastor. With that being said, Pastor Corey would love to come and speak at your church, conference, revival, or camp! He would love for you to partner with Corey Ball Ministries as well. When you become a partner you help fund the ministry to buy equipment, travel, serve, and most importantly carry the Gospel around the world through travel and media. The mission of Corey Ball Ministries is to see people saved, healed, and filled with the Holy Spirit! We want to see America and the nations of the earth awakened to realize that Jesus is Lord of all. We hope you join us on this journey!

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